A Conversation With: Primally Pure's Founder, Bethany McDaniel

Us: Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Bethany: Hi! I’m Bethany. I live in Southern California with my husband and two daughters. In addition to spending time at the Primally Pure Workshop and Spa envisioning new product ideas, I’m passionate about all things clean living, faith, travel and biohacking. I love engaging in meaningful conversations and cultivating friendships – as well as taking regular getaways with my family to reset + refresh.

Us: Tell us about your journey in clean skincare and wellness and what brought you to start Primally Pure.

Bethany: Having used all sorts of harsh prescription creams and pills to treat my acne as a teenager and young adult (and dealing with red, raw, irritated skin as a result), I was blown away by the effects I eventually experienced after ditching the harsh chemicals and replacing them with simple + natural ingredients. This journey inspired me to start Primally Pure (with an initial $250 order for ingredients + supplies) to help others experience the benefits of using clean products.

Us: What rituals do you find most important in your life and what effects do they have on your mental and physical health?

Bethany: Oh man, I have so many at this point! Haha, but before I get into them I want to point out that I didn’t add all of these into my routine overnight (that would be so overwhelming!). Instead, I’ve spent the last several years stacking these rituals into my day slowly. When one thing becomes a habit, I’ll add another – and so on. Some of my favorite current rituals are Wim Hof Breathing in the morning for improved oxygenation, infrared saunas for detox, reading fiction at night as an escape to help ward off anxiety before bedtime, and lighting Palo Santo as a mindful break during the workday.

Left: Bethany wears the Everyday Crop Set in Mocha. Shop Now >

Above: Photo by Brianna Cope for Primally Pure.

Us: If someone was looking for a place to start in creating new wellness rituals, where would you recommend they begin?

Bethany: For anyone starting from square one, it can be tough to figure out how/when/where to begin! That’s why I’d recommend starting something up first thing in the morning. It can be easy to get caught up in the business of the day and not take time for mindful pauses. But when we begin the day with a wellness ritual, it sets a tone of peace and mindfulness that carries through to everything we do during the day.

Us: What are your must-have skincare products?

Bethany: I’m obsessed with our oil cleansers (If you haven’t heard of the oil cleansing method, it’s something worth exploring for sure – we have lots of information about it on our blog), as well as our Everything Spray and all of our serums. All you really need are those 3 products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) – and anything extra is a bonus!

Us: Our two brands share a philosophy of ‘fewer is better’. What does that mean to you and your team at Primally Pure?

Bethany: We live in a world with so many distractions and gimmicks. From the greenwashing that’s running rampant in the beauty industry to fast fashion companies that tell us we need to continually fill our closets with more things – it can all feel so overwhelming. To me, ‘fewer is better’ is a concept that communicates the opposite of the messages we’re continually fed by society. It means less ingredients in the personal care/beauty products we use as well as in the food we eat. It means purchasing fewer, but higher quality and more meaningful things that were made ethically. This philosophy carries through to so many areas of life and we can all benefit from living with a ‘fewer, better’ mindset.

Us: As we celebrated Women’s Equality Day just a few days ago, we slowed down to especially consider the impact of women on democracy, culture and society. As a female entrepreneur and business owner, what has it meant to you to empower women through the business and community of Primally Pure?

Bethany: I’m very grateful for the opportunity to empower women in our local community through employment at Primally Pure. We have 34 people working at our HQ in Southern California, 29 of which are women. Several individuals on our team have expressed to me lately how grateful they are to work at a place where they feel accepted and supported. A place where they can leave the room and not fear others gossiping behind their back (all too common in many workplaces!). Hearing that means the world to me. I’m also grateful to be in a position to provide women across the globe with products that allow them to build life-giving moments of rest for themselves throughout the day – something that I believe will in turn allow them to make a greater contribution to those around them and society at large.

Us: When it comes to clothing, what do you look for and what do you love about our Everyday Set?

Bethany: I watched a documentary called “The True Cost” a few years ago and it completely transformed my shopping habits and my view of the fashion industry. It exposes the unjust nature of how our clothes are made as well as the environmental impact. Ever since, I’ve sought to buy clothing from brands that are transparent about how their clothing is made. I also look for natural vs. synthetic fibers. And of course, the aesthetic is still important when it comes to clothing. LAUDE checks all of these boxes for me, and the pieces I’ve purchased from LAUDE over the years are consistent staples that have truly stood the test of time. The Everyday Set is no exception! I’m obsessed with the Mocha color, and the set is so effortless and laid back yet sophisticated – something I wear into the office for a full day of meetings or on an evening walk with my kids.

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