Us: Please introduce yourself to our audience

Jenny: Hi! I’m Jenny Greenstein, personal wardrobe stylist and founder of Your Soul Style, an integrative method to style and mindfulness. I fancy myself a stylemaker from the inside out, a philosophy guided by style as a vehicle to empower women and built on a foundation that feeling your best is contingent upon authenticity. I’ve been doing this work for all of my life whether it be for myself personally or now for others professionally. I am deeply committed to personal growth work and in my opinion, tending to personal style is an important aspect to building a holistic self-concept. I am extremely passionate about what I do and feel very grateful for the opportunity to do this work. I split my time between NYC/Hudson Valley with my wife Dina and our two beautiful girls, Vida (6) and Bloom (2).

Us: What’s your favorite thing about living in NYC?

Jenny: 100% the diversity. I’ve always been drawn to live amongst individuals from all walks of life and ironically, being immersed in a multicultural environment feels more like home. Now, as a mum, it’s important to me to serve up that global lens to my kids.

Us: Any morning/evening rituals you feel make a difference in your day? If so, what are they?

Jenny: Is coffee a ritual? Kidding. Sort of. But seriously, being prepared for both the wind-up and wind-down to my day helps keep me grounded. When I feel rushed, I get anxious. And since there are so many moving pieces as a mother, I try to be well planned out. I intentionally build in cushion time between tasks. It’s not always seamless, but I definitely work hard at creating structure for myself and my family.

Jenny wears the Tiered Maxi Skirt in Tulum Stripe.

Us: What compelled you to begin Your Soul Style, and how has your work evolved since its conception?

Jenny: I have a long history working in the corporate fashion industry, but always felt called upon to use style as a tool for self expression, empowerment, and building an authentic self-concept. I didn’t feel that there was space for that in the industry. So in 2012, after 10+ years working as an in-house stylist/visual merchandiser, combined with a semester working towards my Masters in Social Work at NYU (which would have been my other career path had I not chosen fashion), Your Soul Style was born. The YSS objective has stayed relatively consistent since the beginning. But I have learned so much from my clients over the years and leverage my own (and their) experiences to inform the YSS process. I’m constantly transforming and so are they, which is the beauty in all of this. So while the foundation has remained the same, the methodology keeps improving. Most recently, I finished my core life coach training at Coactive Training Institute and as I plan to relaunch YSS this coming Fall, these tools will also be integrated into the work.

Us: What do you love most about styling clients?

Jenny: My favorite thing about my work is watching my clients transform and seeing how empowered they become while going through this process. I’ve experienced individuals looking in the mirror in awe of what is possible for them. It is extremely nourishing to be an agent of change for others and nothing is more gratifying than watching a person become.

Us: What do you look for in selecting clothing for yourself & for your clients?

Jenny: Every person is different so it’s not a set formula. The most important part of this process is getting to know my client first so that when I go into the “field” and make choices, they align with a clients core sense of being and how they want to self-express it. I tell my clients that I like to gently guide them outside the box, but still within range. I’m not trying to change who someone is. For some, it’s more structure in their pieces, others more relaxed. Some people like to feel overtly sexy in their clothes, while others like to remain more subtle. I curate the designers/brands I source from on a case by case basis. We’re all so different. My job is to meet each person where they are and draw out what already exists.

When it comes to shopping for myself, I like to have a uniform and because of that, I like to invest. But during pregnancy and postpartum, while I was in deep physical transformation, I had a different approach.

Us: What’s the best piece of advice you have received in business? What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to start a creative business of their own?

Jenny: The best advice I have received and can offer is that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time, build a strong foundation, go steady, tune out the noise, remain authentic, stay focused on your message, intention and goal. Rome wasn’t built in a day and very few things are an overnight success. So go easy and keep your eye on the prize.

Us: Happy Pride! What does Pride month mean to you and how do you celebrate it as a family?

Jenny: Pride month of course means a lot to our family, but we are intentional about celebrating Pride on all the days. Vida (our older daughter) is well-versed in diverse family dynamics. I feel proud of how we are raising our kids and the lens we have put on that. That said, we do take this moment to level up our discussions (and our own learnings) on the history of the LGBTQIA+ community and the many people before us that paved the way for our human rights. We typically go to the parade in NYC but covid put that on hold. So instead we took Bloom (our 2-year old) on a walk through the west village and Stonewall. Hopefully next year we can resume our tradition of going to the parade!

Us: What do you love most about Dina?

Jenny: My favorite thing about Dina is how self-assured she is. I am extremely inspired by her strong sense of self and being and how she confidently moves about in the world. As a partner, my favorite part about her is how grounding she is. She’s also an unbelievable mother.

Us: Your beautiful family was recently featured on the cover of New York Family Magazine, the first two mom family to be on the cover. What did that experience mean for you all?

Jenny: Sometimes I have to remind myself that we are a diverse family because to me, it just feels “normal”. But when I stood back objectively and processed how we were the first same-sex family to be on the cover, I felt incredibly proud. I really want to use my platform to show up for my community. To be honest, I don’t think I do that enough. But if I can help one person in this world feel seen, that’s enough for me.

Us: What are you reading right now?

Jenny: I’m currently finishing up Glennon Doyle’s, Untamed which resonates with me on a very visceral level

Us: What are you listening to right now?

Jenny: I’m currently obsessed with the Air playlist on Spotify.

Jenny wears the Birkin Blazer in Tulum Stripe.

Photography of Jenny at home by Candy Kennedy and hair styled by Johny Haeger.