A Conversation With: Roti Brown



Us: Tell us a little bit about yourself?


My name is Roti. I'm a content creator and photographer by trade currently living in Los Angeles. Aside from work, I'm someone who loves creativity and is constantly looking for new ways to express and consume creative things. Which is funny because I grew up with no knowledge of the creative world as a profession. I always thought the hobbies I loved most could not equal financial stability. Since getting my start in this field a few years ago I've realized I was wrong about that. Today, I feel very lucky to express my creative side on both personal and professional levels.




Us: What does a typical day look like for you? 


Work days can be unpredictable, so I'll walk you through a typical Sunday, my favorite day of the week. 


I'm an early riser who loves a quiet morning, so I never pack the first part of the day with anything too hectic. Instead, I like to make the first part of my morning about me, so I stay off my phone & computer for as long as possible. 


I like to start the day with prayer and then I’m pretty consistent about making matcha first thing in the morning. 


The next part of my day is usually filled with errands I didn't get to during the week. I'll head over to my local farmer’s market and maybe run to the bookstore to grab something new to dive into. My current favorite bookstore is called Octavia’s Bookshelf.  It's Black women-owned and houses a large variety of books by Black authors and artists.  I also love visiting local art galleries; I recently saw and enjoyed Henry Taylor: B Side at the MOCA. 


After I've done a few things for myself, I'll shift my focus to work and get a head start on emails for the week before settling in for the evening.




US: What are ways you prioritize being a conscious consumer? 


I'm a firm believer that small changes can make a big impact. I don't stress myself out by trying to take on everything, but instead, I've made a few approachable micro-changes to the way I shop and live so my habits align with my values. I like to shop small and local. For me, this looks like supporting mom-and-pop shops over industry giants and prioritizing diversity in the businesses I frequent. I love supporting Black/POC-owned businesses and artists and will always opt for a hand-crafted item over anything that comes off an assembly line. 


I think this idea of slow, but intentional living, also plays a role in the clothes I love to wear. Comfort is a huge priority for me. An item that I can lounge around in at home and also wear outside, while feeling put together and chic, is a must.




A few more Black owned brands/artists I love supporting: 


  1. I Can Make You Feel Good by Tyler Mitchell - A 206 photo book that celebrates joy and intimacy in Black Life. 
  2. Obet and Del’s Coffee - A Black owned coffee shop in LA’s Thai Town that houses delicious pastries and drinks. 
  3. Eso Won - A Black owned bookstore that once had a brick and mortar shop in the historic Leimert Park but is now available for you to support online. 
  4. Easton Haus - Thoughtfully curated vintage furniture shop that houses a mix of gorgeous mid-century modern and antique pieces. 
  5. Ekua Ceramics – minimally designed Objects and Vessels that look stunning in every setting. 


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 All photography taken by Roti Brown.
Instagram - @rotiibrown


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