Presenting: LAUDE SS23





This season we’re drawing notes of inspiration from the embodiment of feminine strength, Frida Kahlo, while forever honoring slow, small-batch manufacturing and collection launches to support our belief that fashion should be special—it’s a way for women to individually express themselves. 

Embrace yourself in breezy dresses that offer the freedom to move about comfortably to structured suiting, a nod to the rebellious and self thinking Khalo in 1940s Mexico City. We play with soft hues and vibrant colors reflective of the span of emotion seen in Kahlo's autobiographical work. 

And as always, we are forever inspired by our global artisan partners. This season you will see everything from 100% organic cotton knitwear made in Peru, to upcycled denim featuring an artful applique that was handwoven on a backstrap loom in Guatemala. 

This is a season about dynamic womanhood.

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