Artisan Story: The Making of the Painter Pant


Join us as we visit with Gudi, one of our artisans in Guatemala, at his workshop while he works on a foot loom to create the color-blocked side panels featured on the artful Painter Pant.
How long have you been weaving?
I started learning around the age of 13, and since then I have been working in textiles for approximately 15 years.
What led you to this craft?
Initially it was because I had the need to look for a job to make a living, but after a while I felt that it was a part of my life and that I wanted to continue in one way or another.
What is special about foot-loom weaving?
It is a design that, at first glance, looks simple to make, but it requires a lot of labor, its design is very beautiful. It has colors that give you a very pleasant feeling when you are working on the loom and that make it very special.
How does your weaving celebrate/highlight your culture?
We value the experience and quality that is put into each fabric and the art carried by the hands of each artisan that gives life to each product.
Any other details you would like to share?
I just want to thank Laude the label, for the opportunity to work with them and for trusting in my craft.

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