Petite Oval Hair Pin

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Introducing your new favorite hair accessory. Our new Petite Oval Hair Pin combines form and function in a stylish way to pull back your hair. Designed with a curved oval cuff & straight pin.

To use: Gather a section of hair in similar size to curve of the oval. Place the oval cuff on top of the hair, fitting the hair into the curve. Place the pin between the oval and the hair on one side. Slide it under your hair to fully contain the hair within the cuff. Secure it into place by pushing the pin between the hair and the oval on the other side. This petite piece creates a beautiful half-up style.

18kt Gold-Plated Brass
Handmade in Honduras
Dimensions: Cuff – 2 1/2" x 1/2", Pin – 3 3/4"

Care Instructions: Clean your hair pin after each wear with a soft cloth.

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